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Welcome to colonial_daily, a (frakking unconventional) daily BSG fic prompt community.

Colonial Daily operates on a simple premise. At some point every day, two fresh new BSG fic prompts are delivered directly to your f-list for you to work with--or not work with--as you see fit.

That's all. There are no requirements, no shame, no required reciprocity: just a basketful of prompts delivered with no obligations. Some days they might be song lyrics (or songs, if I'm feeling generous). They might be quotes, pairings, character interactions, events, screencaps, or just scene possibilities. As they do come from the top of my head, and as my head is just a weird place to be, expect unconventional character focii, situations, and pairings. Write for as many or as few of them as you see fit, and when you're done, reply to the prompt thread with the following:

Tagline or Summary:

If it's a long fic or if it's spoilery, add a link to your journal; if it's not, feel free to post it here.

Prompts are open indefinitely. Post it whenever you're through. At the end of every week I'll comb through all of the entries from all of the prompts, even those from before the last week, and string 'em together for a round-up post. That's it! No angst or pressure.

So look around. Write a fic. Have some fun.